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Yoga Vashisht

June 18, 2012





Rishi Vashish continued with his discourse regarding gatekeepers at the entrance door leading to Moksha (Liberation).

RISHI VASHISHT: O Ram Ji! The second gate keeper’s Name is VICHAR (Thought). VICHAR manifests in the mind when the mind is pure. In the jungle of Agyan, a tree grows which is bearer of troubles and grief. The mighty tree of Agyan can the felled only with the axe of VICHAR. Only when the tree of Agyan is felled, then you will be free of body-consciousness, and reach the state of tranquillity. Mighty elephant of attachment tramples the Lotus of mind of man. The huge elephant can be eliminated only by the lion named VICHAR.

O Ram Ji! A king first gives a thought to something which needs to be done, and then follows it up by Pursharth. By this process only a king can successfully rule his country. Four things can be achieved by VICHAR. They are Bala (Power or strength), Tej (enlightenment), Budhi (intelligence), Padarth (Material wealth). A person who takes support of VICHAR, he only achieves anything and everything which he strives for. Hence VICHAR is the greatest friend of man.

O Ram Ji! Kama (pleasure), Arth (Security), Dharma (righteousness) and Moksha (Liberation); the four Purshrthas are also obtained only with the help of VICHAR. A person who understands the difference between Sat (True) and Asat (untrue) is also with the help of VICHAR.

O Ram Ji! All the Krmas (actions) performed with due thinking and application of mind are always beneficial.

O Ram Ji! Where there is light, there cannot be darkness. Similarly where there is VICHAR, fears lurking due to worldly interactions and dealings just disappear. But, where the actions are performed without giving proper thought, the fears will always be there, which will ultimately lead to miseries and grief.

O Ram Ji! Vivek (Discrimination or conscience) is like a Raja (king) and VICHAR is like his Flag. Wherever Raja goes, his flag goes there first. Hence Vivek and Vichar cannot be separated from each other. Even persons with limited understanding, have crossed the ocean of this world by taking support of VICHAR. A person who thinks correctly understands that there is no difference between a wave and an ocean. Both are different forms of water. In the same way, a thoughtful person knows that bad times and good times are temporary and are phases of time only. This sort of thinking helps man to achieve the heights and a person reaches the Param-Pad (the final stage or emancipation).

O Ram Ji! This Sansar (world) is created by of attachments and infatuations. Due to thoughtlessness (AVICHAR) it appears to be full of grief, anguish and pain. A child due to his foolishness perceives his own shadow as a monster or a phantom and starts trembling. In the same way due to foolishness or AVICHAR a worldly man perceives the world full of miseries. But the same person, when he applies his mind and takes shelter of a Guru, becomes fearless and the delusion created by Sansar (world) disappears.

O Ram Ji! One who is thoughtful will always have self restraint (Samata) and thus will be able to harness the senses. Just as a seed sprouts, in the same way VICHAR also sprouts and a plant of Samata (self restraint) is born. One who is blessed by VICHAR, reaches the high state of Atam-Pad (State of Soul). This person gets knowledge of all the substances, by knowing which nothing else remains to be known. He does not get drawn into the cycle birth and death. He lives his life till he desires and then leaves the body and merges himself with the supreme soul.

O Ram Ji! I suggest to you to meditate upon Brahma, keep VICHAR of Brahma always in your mind, and thus, tighten your belt to swim across the ocean of the world. You should always be thinking of “Who am I?” and “How this Sansar (world) exists?” Only this advice is the pathway leading to Moksha (salvation).

END OF PART II Chapter 11