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Yoga Vashisht

May 31, 2012



(Continued from Chapter 8)

Rishi Vashish continued his description regarding Upadesh received from his father Brahma.

RISHI VASHISHT: O Ram Ji! You have a right to listen to what I say, because you are a knowledgeable, learned and scholarly person. You possess positive qualities like Jap, Tap, Vairagya (Renouncement), Vichar (Intelect) and Santokh (Contentment). But, ordinary persons who are foolish and casual about their conduct do not deserve to listen to my discourse. There is a precious stone called Chandrakant. When it is kept under full moon, Nectar (Amrit) drips out of it. But this does not happen in case of ordinary stones.  In the same way a knowledgeable person can get benefit out of this discourse of mine. But for an ordinary person this discourse is worthless. O Ram Ji! You are person who is fit to achieve Moksha because you can understand what I am saying. A Chandra-Mukhi Lotus blooms only when there is full moon. But it does not bloom when there is no moon. Exactly in the same way, you will get benefit from what I am going to tell you, because you are fit disciple and I am an accomplished Guru.
Now! I am going to tell you the technique of achieving Moksha. If you reflect attentively upon my words, the ignorance which is inside you will be completely burned up; just as Mandaranchal Mountain was burnt up by the heat of Sun during the past apocalypse. 
O Ram Ji! You should still your Atma by practicing renouncement of worldly pleasures. In fact you have been practicing this since your childhood. There are people who have achieved the state of Moksha by Sat-Sang (Sat = True; Sang = Company i.e.  Company with an assembly of persons who listen to, talk about, and assimilate the Truth), and study of scriptures. Persons who achieve Moksha, never experiences unhappiness. The reason is that unhappiness and sorrow is outcome of ego and body consciousness. One, who has shunned ego, will never get entangled in attachments created by the body. In such a state a person perceives the entire universe full of bliss and ecstasy. In spite of doing all the Karmas in the world, this person always remains in state of Jivan-Mukta (one who has experienced Brahma).  
O Ram ji! The world is like a snake, which has entered the burrows of the human mind. These snakes cannot be driven out of the burrows of the minds excepting meditation and Mantra-Yoga (Mantra yoga is a science where the mantras are signposts to the wandering mind, steering it to an ambient poise for meditation).
O Ram Ji! A person, who has shunned Sat-Sang and study of Scriptures, suffers innumerable tortures in this world. This person considers possessions of the world as beautiful things. But unfortunately the wealth and assets and belongings are like a spinning wheel and are never permanent. These people suffer because they do not devote any time to gain the True knowledge.
O Ram Ji! A knowledgeable person, a Gyani, remains always calm and composed, though he appears to be performing all the duties of the world. This is because a Gyani has donned the Kawach (armour) of Gyan (Knowledge). This does not mean that great Rishis and Gyanis have never experienced unhappiness and sorrows. They have also experience melancholy and misery many times. But these learned persons have never lost their calm and tranquillity; but have accepted the miseries as fruits of their Karma.
O Ram Ji! The body, which is like a chariot, is pulled by the horses which are the sense organs. An Agyani, leaves the reins of the horses loos and thus, the sense organs get out of control and take the person to a wrong destination. But a Gyani, always holds the reins tight and keeps the sense organs under control which are very powerful like horses. Thus, a Gyani is always on the right track. This is the reason a Gyani person never experiences unhappiness and sorrows and always remains in the state of Sat-Chit Ananda (Eternal bliss consciousness).
END OF PART II Chapter 9