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Yoga Vashisht

July 29, 2011



The story of Yogavashish is being told to Rishi Bhardvaj by Rish Valmiki.
Rishi Valmiki: When Rama finished describing his woes to Risi Vishvamitra, every person present was stunned. The entire court with Rishi Vashisht, Vandev, Vishvamitra, other Rishis and Munis, Maharaja Dasrath, Mother Kaushaliya, the ministers and courtiers, and all the persons went mute. From the heavens, Devatas (gods), Sidhas (evolved souls), Gandharvas (Nymphs), Vidyadhars (knowledgeable souls) who had specially arrived to listen to Rama started sprinkling flower petals. The animals and birds in the palace gardens also became still.

Devatas said: we are fortunate to hear such auspicious words. We have witnessed many great utterances in the past, but, we have never heard words like these before. After listening to you, our ego of being gods has vanished, and our knowledge has increased. O shining moon of Raghuvanshis! The words that you have said, cannot be uttered even by our Guru Brhaspati,the Deva Guru (Guru of gods). Because of Rama Raghuvanshi clan is fit to be worshiped. Now we are eagerly waiting to listen to the answer from Rishi Vishamitra, to the questions asked by Rama.

At that time several other Rishis like Narad, Palha, Palastya entered the royal court to listen to Rishi Vishwamitra’s answer. Along with the great Rishis, there were Father of Brhaspati Aangra, Rishi Bhrigu, and I (Rishi Valmiki) also entered the royal court. Some has huge matted hair, some had crown on their heads, some had strings of pearls around their neck, some had Rudraksha Malas, some had Deers skins on there shoulders, some had, Karmandalas (Water jugs) in their hands, some had Langots (Plain cloth around waist), some were wearing beautiful and colourful clothes, some had gold chains around their waist. Amongst the colourful atmosphere Rama was siting still with eyes closed and hands folded.

On seeing the revered Rishis entering the royal court, all other Rishis, Raja Dasrath along with all the courtiers got up, and started offering their salutations and respects to the respected guests. There were offered appropriate seats and their feet were washed with rose water.

Narad Muni who was sitting near Rama, said: O Rama! you seem to be a person with a noble Atma (soul) who are born on the earth rarely and after ages. The words that you have said are of great intelligence and are going to a source of deliverance and liberation for the entire humanity. Every one has appreciated the word said by you. There are many men in the world, but the persons who really want to reach the ultimate goal of deathlessness are extremely rare. There are many who have taken birth on the earth, but the persons who want good of the entire universe are scarce. There are many trees in the world, but tree of Sandalwood is rare, which makes the atmosphere fragrant. Ordinary persons are made of blood, flesh and bones, and are like Kathputli (Puppets; literally doll made of wood), whose strings are controlled by senses. They are Agyanis. Gyanis are men of conscience and are extraordinary. You have a receptive mind. It will not take much effort to make you understand the ultimate truth. Now be ready to receive the true knowledge.




Regarding Renunciation

Rama: O Muneshwar! People who are secure about their long life are fools. This life is like a drop of water upon a leaf. In the same way one does not know when the drop of water will fall from leaf or evaporate. Just as a cat does nor warn the mouse before pouncing upon it; exactly in the same way Death pounces without any warning.

O Great Vishwamitra! I am suffering from the affliction of this life. Kindly suggest to me some cure for it. How to get a cured, from the disease of attachment, to pleasures of flesh. Only Agyanis (one without knowledge) find the life and material possessions pleasurable. But; for Gyanis (Knowledgeable) no object in all the three worlds appears to be beautiful or pleasurable. Gyanis consider everything to be transitory which will be consumed by death one of these days.

O Rishi Vishwamitra! The moon is having a dark spot in it, and therefore it is not beautiful enough. In the same way, my mind, which is like moon, is having a dark spot due to passion for Kama(sex). My moon like mind will become spotless and beautiful only when passion for Kama is overcome.

My mind is like a monkey who is always jumping around. Mind is like a drop of mercury which is never at rest. This world is like a jungle, which is full of snake-like luxuries. Kindly tell me a method to avoid being stung by the snakes.

I am aware, in the past; several great souls have attained the state of overcoming all the desires and thus; have conquered fear of death. Kindly tell me that technique which will make my mind also quite and stable. I should have nothing to do with the body. I want to be just like a picture on a piece paper, which neither breathes, nor eats, nor does anything. I want to give up food and chores of life like bathing and want to give up ego completely. Just as an oil-lamp extinguishes when the oil is exhausted, in the same way I will also achieve ultimate silence and peace.

After narrating the above; Rishi Valmiki said to Rishi Bharadvaj: O Bharadvaj, Rama fell silent after saying all this to Rishi Vishwamitra in court of his father king Dasrath.

Yogavashisht is the story which is being told by Rishi Valmiki to Rishi Bharadvaj. Please refer to chapter 1 and chapter 2, to know more about Rishi Valmiki and Rishi Bharadvaj.