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Yoga Vashisht

June 5, 2011


CHAPTER 11, 12 and 13

Rama: Hey Rishi Vishvamitra! My mind is prevailed upon by passion, anger, greed, attachment and ego. Because of this my mind is weak. My mind is not tuning towards good deeds and noble thoughts. I am unable to concentrate upon the sayings of sages. My mind is not responsive to detachment. I am trapped in the storm of desires. Just as the tail of a peacock is never still in the wind; similarly my mind is always looking out to wards enjoyment of worldly pleasures. Just as a dog keeps going from door to door for scrap of food, in the same way my mind also keeps imagining methods of getting the pleasures of worldly objects. Sum and substance is that ultimately one gets nothing. Yet the expectations of fulfilling more and more desires keep mounting.
Hey Great Rishi! Now I have no desire to enjoy anything. I find all the possessions of this world as worthless, valueless and insignificant. I also do not desire wealth. Yet my mind (Chit) keeps lusting for the luxuries of life. Only those persons reach the ultimate destination, who strive to conquer the mind and ego.

Hey Rishi Vishvamitra! This body which we inherit at the time of birth is nothing but bones, blood, flesh, excreta and all filthy matter. This body is neither inanimate nor animate. I cannot call it inanimate and lifeless (Jad) because all the actions (karmas) are achieved with the body only. Also all worldly relationships are possible with this body only. At the same time I cannot call it animate and conscious (Chetan) because it does not have any knowledge (Gyan). That is the reason this body is considered something in-between. In the body there is Soul(Atma) which is conscious (Chetan); but body by itself it is a bundle of bones, flesh, blood and excreta. The body is not permanent. It has to wither away and some time or the other.
The body remains happy when it gets its desires fulfilled to its satisfaction. But it becomes unhappy when the reverse happens. Hence this body is a source of great grief and misery. The body which is already impure becomes further polluted and contaminated when it comes in contact with ego. Contact with ego produces arrogance. This contaminated body with ego and arrogance talks only about I, ME and MINE and never keeps quite. All these words are meaningless and futile.
In the body lives a filthy man named Mada (Pride), who is married to equally fithy woman named Maatsaraya (Envy) and has children named Kama (Lust), Krodha (Anger), Lobha (Greed) and Moha (Attachment). In this home with such undesirable persons living in it, pious person like Gyan (Knowledge) can never enter. I do not desire this impure place to live in, called Sarira (Body).
Hey Rishi! Intelligent persons live in pious places. They do not live in irreverent places. The irreverent place that I am taking about is the body. The mind which resides in the impure body also becomes impure.
Hey Muneshwar! This body is like a piece of wood which is fit to be consumed by the fire of knowledge. One who has not burnt his body in the flames of knowledge has suffered a lot. Neither this body belongs to me, nor do I belong to this body. Now I have no craving for anything. I am a man without any longing, and therefore I have no relationship with this Sarira (Body).
Hey Rishi! One, who has done away with arrogance, has achieved Param-Anand (Eternal Bliss). All the suffering in this world is due to consciousness of the body. Just as all the rivers come together and ultimately merge into the sea, exactly in the same way all the sufferings come to the man who has consciousness and arrogance of the body. One who considers this body to be lasting and eternal, is in fact preparing himself for the endless series of births and deaths. Just as a dream is not reality, in the same way this Samsara (Universe) is also not reality. One, who considers the Samsara (Universe) as a reality, is creating bondage for himself. The bondage will ultimately lead him to the jaws of death. Just as a fire-moth goes to the lamp and ultimately gets burnt, in the same way a man abandons his physical only due to arrogance and ego. One, who has no arrogance for his body, also does not have craving for experience of pleasures. I am completely disillusioned by this the body which is temporary and transient. I yearn for that by which I will be free of the cycle of birth and death, and will not be reborn in this world again and again.
END OF CHAPTERS 11, 12 & 13