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Yoga Vashisht

September 28, 2011


YOGAVASHISHT - PART II CHAPTER 7 ABOUT CREATION OF UNIVERSE AND CREATION OF RISHI VASHISH RishiVashisht continued with his Upadesh (discourse) and said.
RISHI VASHISHT: O Ramji! Please remember my words. These words are going to be your best friends and will eradicate all the sorrows of life. I am describing to you the path towards Moksha as stated in the scriptures. When you apply this method and put in your Pursharth, then only you will be successful in achieving your goal. A man’s Chit (Mind) keeps running after Bhoga (Enjoyment) of life. You should see that your Chit does not fall in the bottomless pit of Bhogas. One can renounce Bhogas only in the following way. Renouncing should be such that your Chit (Mind) never looks back to the Bhogas again. Listen to this with resolute mind. You will get lot of fulfilment by listening to this. O Ramji! The first step is to practice Sum and Dum. Living the life without any Vasanas (Desires), and living without any regrets about Bhogas (Enjoyments) is called Sum. Controlling the sense organs is called Dum. When you practice Sum and Dum sufficiently, then only you will involuntarily become aware of the Param Tatva (Supreme goal). This will be followed by Suvichar (Good thoughts); which will be followed by Param-Pada the ultimate liberation or Moksha. O Ramji! All those who have achieved the state of Param-Pada, never experiences any grief. This brings one to the state of permanent happiness and bliss. O Ramji! Now be prepared to receive the Upadesh (Teachings) given to me by my father Brahma Himself. On hearing these words Rama asked a question.

RAMA: O revered Rishi! Kindly tell me, for what reason Brahma gave you the Upadesh? Also please tell me how did you practice this Upadesh? Be kind enough to tell me this in detail.

RISHI VASHISHT: O Ramji! There is one Akash (space) which is pure and totally aware. This Akash is eternal and pervades all ages. This Akash is also another form of The Creator Brahma. This Akash is in form of vibrations and these vibrations established themselves as Vishnu. Vishnu is constant and stationary in spite of movements of the vibrations of Akash. Vishnu was created by the waves (Vibrations) of Akash which is pure and eternal. A Lotus flower grows out of navel of Vishnu and Brahma was created and sits upon the Lotus. Brahma created all the Rishis, Munis and all other species. That is why Vishnu is also called Padma-Naabh (Padma = Lotus ; Naabh = Navel) O Ramji! Brahma also created Rishi Manu, one who created laws for the society of human beings. In one corner of planet earth, there is a large island called Jumboo Dweep (Word Dweep means island). In this island called Jumboo Dweep there is a country called Bharat Varsh. When Brahma saw that population of Jumboo Dweep is unhappy and suffering, He created Tapasya (In Sanskrit tapasya, literally means "heat", refers to a personal endeavour of discipline, undertaken to achieve a goal, accompanying suffering and pain) and told the people of Jumboo Dweep to practice Tapasya (Penance with Meditation). O Ramji! After getting the orders from Brahma for performing Tapasya, people of Jumboo Dweep started following the directions of Brahma and as a result achieved lot of happiness. After the Punya of their good deeds were over, these people once again came back to the world of suffering.
O Ramji! When Brahma saw this he got worried. People did not get permanent happiness even with Tapasya. They had to come back again and again, in spite of Tapasya. Then Brahma created “Satvik Dharma”. Brahma directed people of Jumboo Dweep to follow “Satik Dharma”. By following the new Dharma, the same thing happened. People received lot of happiness in the beginning. But after the Punya of the new Dharma exhausted, they once again fell back to earth, and faced miseries. There after Brahma created Teertha (Holy places) and other Punyas. By going on pilgrimage to holy places and making offerings, they got lot of Punya and remained in Punya Loka for a long time. But when the Punyas came to end, they once again fell back to the planet earth, the place of miseries, and once again got trapped into cycle of birth and death.
O Ramji! Them Brahma started thinking to create a device to do away with cycle of birth and death. The cycle of birth and death is the root of all the miseries. There after Brahma reached at the conclusion that there is no other way but Atma Gyan is the only path for pemanant happiness. Brahma created Atma Gyan and directed the men and women to meditate upon Atma-Tatva (The basic element of creation). From the meditation as directed by Brahma, I (Rishi Vashisht) was created in the form of pure Atma Tatva Gyan (Knowledge of pure basic element). My form was un-manifest. At that time I was equal to Brahma. I carry Kamandal in my hand, just Brahma carries Kamandal in his hand (Kamandal = Oblong vessel carried by yogis to carry drinking water ) I wear beads of Rudraksh around my neck, Brahma also wears beads of Rudraksh around his neck. I carry deer skin to sit upon; Brahma also has deer skin to sit upon (A deer skin is the only animal skin considered appropriate for the yogi’s meditation seat (asana) because the vibration of the deerskin is neutral and therefore conducive to peace and tranquillity.). My form is Pure Knowledge. I do not perceive the world or universe. If at all I perceive the universe, I perceive it as Pure Bliss.
O Ramji! Brahma created me for good of the universe. But one in the form of Pure Knowledge can not possibly teach others in the form Pure Knowledge because he does not possess sense organs. Teaching is possible only through questions and answers. But it was not possible as I was in the form of Pure Knowledge. I was un-manifest, not visible. I did not have a body. In this form it was not possible to teach others. Considering these difficulties, Brahma made me sit in his lap, just as a father takes his son in his lap. He put his hand upon my head and told me “O Son! You make yourself Agyani (Ignorant) for some time. Noble persons do take some hardships upon themselves for good of society at large. You also become ignorant”. O Ramji! I was originally in the form of Pure Knowledge. Suddenly I became ignorant just like other common people. I felt I had a body just as all the people have. I became manifest and visible to the people. I started perceiving the things around me. I started calling myself Vashisht son of Brahma. I forgot the Knowledge, which was my original form. My sense organs started looking for pleasures of the world. I started perceiving the sorrows of the world. My mind started experiencing pain and sorrow. I got disturbed and went to my father Brahma and asked Him how this world is created, and how does it disappear? O Ramji! On my request, Brahma made Upadesh to me and thus my ignorance was shattered once again. Just as the whole world gets lighted up when the Sun rises, in the same way I also became pure with the knowledge given to me by Brahma. Having given me the knowledge of Atma Gyan, Brahma, and my father ordered me to go to Jumboo Dweep. He bestowed the title of Prajapati upon me. He gave me the authority of eight Prjapatis. I was told to spread the knowledge of Atma Gyan among the people of Bharat Varsh, who lived in Jumboo Dweep. O Ramji! Now you know how I was created and for what purpose. I am here in this word to fulfil the duty ordered by my father Brahma.

1. Rishi Vashisht says “This Akash is in form of vibrations and these vibrations established themselves as Vishnu”. This clearly means that everything is made out of vibrations. With contemporary knowledge it has been established that matter and energy are interchangeable. Matter is also a form of energy. The energy is nothing else but Electro Magnetic waves. Einstein was the first scientist to propose the E = mc2 formula and the first to interpret mass–energy equivalence as a fundamental principle that follows from the relativistic symmetries of space and time. By using Einstein's formula E=mc² we can discover that a tiny amount of matter is equivalent to a massive amount of energy. If 1 gram of matter could be totally converted into energy it would be enough to lift 15 million people to the top of mount Everest; or Boil 55million gallons of water or supply a town of 15000 people with electricity for a year.

2. Rishi Vashisht says “In one corner of planet earth, there is a large island called Jumboo Dweep (Word Dweep means island). In this island called Jumboo Dweep there is a country called Bharat Varsh”. We have a modern theory called “Plate Tectonics” The key principle of plate tectonics is that the lithosphere exists as separate and distinct tectonic plates, which ride on the fluid-like (visco-elastic solid) asthenosphere. Earth scientists agree upon the observation and deduction that the plates have moved one with respect to the other. The movement of the Plates is also called Continental drift. Continental drift is the movement of the Earth's continents relative to each other. Evidence for continental drift is now extensive. Similar plant and animal fossils are found around different continent shores, suggesting that they were once joined. There is also living evidence — the same animals being found on two continents. The continuity of glaciers, inferred from oriented glacial striations and deposits called tillites, suggested the existence of the supercontinent of Gondwana, which became a central element of the concept of continental drift. The Gondwana land which was a single mass of land started separating about 400 million yeas ago. Maps of earth at various periods can be see at the Youtubr video given below. Probably Rishi Vashisht is talking about JAMBOO DWEEP when Indian Sub-Continent was a huge island drifting towards China Mainland. This was time about 50 Million years ago. At that time Himalayas were not there. Himalayas were created only after Indian Plate collided against China mainland. This impact is not yet over. Still Indian plate is pushing against China mainland, and still Himalayas are rising. Till date Jamboo Dweep is remembered at the time of death rituals. The priest says “Janboo dweepe, Bharat varshe, Mumbai nagre ----------“ . The priest is creating a record, where he says that in Jamboo Dweep, in Bharat Varsh, in Mumbai city ---- such and such person died at particular date and time. So till date we consider Bharat situated in Jamboo Dweep. It clearly means that these rituals started while Bharat was an island. This further means that the Indian Society was highly developed ever 50 million years ago.
END OF PART II Chapter 7